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Welcome to St. Giles Farmstead! We are pleased to offer pasture raised pork, beef and eggs to our local community. We’re proud to be a small family farm that primarily raises heritage breed livestock. Heritage breeds are breeds that were used before industrialized agriculture became mainstream. Some of these breeds are in danger of becoming extinct. We sell American Guinea hog pigs for both breeding and pork. We also have Hereford and Dexter cattle for beef and breeding.

Please contact us for more information.

2 comments on “Welcome!
  1. RoseMarie Demerich says:

    What cut is considered to be fresh ham for Easter? Price per lb.?
    I would be interested in one for six people.
    Pls advise.
    Thank you


    • jal71phins says:

      Hi. Thank you for your interest in St. Giles farm pork! We have frozen hams available (that is how our USDA butcher returns our pork after processing). We have a few available at $6/lb. Please email stgilesfarm@gmail.com or call 443-880-4710 to place your order. Thank you!


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